Unlock hidden care capacity using real-time patient data

Workforce capacity management using real-time and predictive analytics to balance workload.

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Measure real-time patient needs and balance staff workload on hospital wards

You can now measure the dynamic fluctuations in patient needs and acuity, and compare them to your current staff allocation in real-time during the shift. Quickly target your busiest units, then optimize workload distribution where it's needed most.

Team n time leverages real-time, objective data from existing digital sources in your healthcare facility, without additional data entry or administrative tasks.


Start seeing results from Day One

We use machine learning and predictive analytics to start generating insights immediately. We only use existing data from the platforms you already use. And we can even start without EHR integration.

Increase capacity without hiring

Better predict fluctuations in patients, and balance workload in and between hospital units.

Reduce interim staff costs

Plan your unit staff and float staff more efficiently, reducing dependency on temp and travel nurses.

Optimize your skill mix

Match the right mix of staff skills to what each unit needs, and better plan skill development and recruitment.

Increase staff retention

Increase time with patients and reduce the workload peaks that cause burnout.

Improve patient experience

Reduce transit delays, missed care, and increase time with care staff.

Improve patient flow

Get an all-in-one overview of the intensity of needs and movements for planned and unplanned admissions.

Generate better data

We go beyond processing historic data - we generate more accurate data on capacity.

Better strategic insights

Learn more about what's happening across your hospital so you can plan better.


Three powerful tools to unlock the hidden care capacity in your daily operations 

TnT View

View real-time patient demand and nurse staffing needs in 1-hour increments by hospital, department, shift and day.

Your dashboard combines data and rules from your existing systems, including EHR, ADT, care plans and staffing rostering without any new data entry. 

TnT Balance

In the same web app, manage your float pools and solve staffing demands objectively within and across departments.

Get alerts on over/understaffing and make scheduling decisions that match the right skill to the right need.


Business intelligence tools for strategic planning 

TnT Report

Translate real-time data into strategic insights. Build reports that uncover trends, patterns and fluctuations in department needs.

Manage multiple reporting dashboards so you can track patient and staff KPIs by hospital and department, all the way down to 1-hour increments. 


We proudly serve 8 hospitals, and growing

- 6,450 beds

- 35,000 patients

- 27,000 care workers


Hospital in Belgium

With Team n Time, a tier 1 trauma hospital improved the allocation of their float staff, reduced overtime, reduced time spent on planning, and increased their overall nursing capacity without increasing the size of their staff.  

Results after 1 year with Team n Time: 

15% increase in nursing capacity 

20% cost savings  

75% time savings on planning 


What our customers say

"Team n Time replaces our gut feeling. It provides an overview of the total care intensity per shift, and helps us allocate people in a targeted manner."

"Team n Time introduces a data-driven approach to healthcare management. We are improving conditions for our staff and elevating the patient experience."

"It provides us with the necessary flexibility to ensure optimal staffing at all times, giving management and staff the peace of mind that comes with a well-run operation.”

Unlock your hidden care capacity with Team n Time

With Team n Time, your workforce can focus more on what truly matters – providing exceptional care to your patients. Join the ranks of leading hospitals already benefiting from Team n Time's game-changing care capacity management solution. 


Client quote

“Team n Time is a vital tool in our daily operations, proving to be especially valuable during the coronavirus pandemic. With its help, we were able to effectively manage the complex task of scheduling and allocating our healthcare personnel, despite the unprecedented constraints we faced. It provided us with the necessary flexibility to ensure optimal staffing at all times, giving both management and staff the confidence and peace of mind that comes with a well-run operation.”

● Head of Central Mobile Planning and Care, UH Ghent