The future of care is both high-tech and high-touch.

We create technology that enables our clients to deliver better, more personalized care. We help understand, predict and meet the complexity of needs of their patients and staff.


Our leadership team

Brecht Thijs

CEO and co-founder

Toshoni Van Craen

COO/CFO and co-founder

Annie Stewart

CPO and co-founder

Niels Vermaut

CTO and co-founder

How we work


We firmly believe in a patient-first approach. We understand that everything begins with the needs and well-being of the patient. Our core values revolve around providing exceptional care and ensuring that every decision we make is centered on the best interest of the patient. From our innovative solutions to our dedicated team, we prioritize patient satisfaction, comfort, and positive outcomes. With our unwavering commitment to putting patients at the forefront, we strive to create an environment where their needs are met with utmost compassion, empathy, and excellence. 





We understand the importance of optimizing the nursing experience and empowering nurses to provide the highest level of care. That's why our solutions are designed to eliminate unnecessary data entry and streamline processes, allowing nurses to focus on what they do best: caring for patients. We value nurse preferences and ensure their input is taken into account, enabling personalized and efficient workflows. By carefully balancing workloads, we alleviate stress and create a conducive environment for nurses to thrive. Our goal is to maximize the time nurses spend with patients, fostering meaningful connections and delivering exceptional care that makes a difference. 


We understand the challenges faced by planners and the importance of making informed decisions. Our solutions are designed to provide objective data that empowers planners to make well-informed choices with confidence. We offer a comprehensive set of tools and analytics that deliver valuable insights into patient demand, staffing requirements, and resource allocation. With our planner-friendly approach, you can rely on accurate and up-to-date information to optimize schedules, streamline operations, and achieve efficient resource utilization. We are committed to supporting planners in their mission to create effective plans that drive success and ensure the best possible outcomes for both patients and staff. 





We embrace a strategic vision that extends beyond immediate operations. We understand the significance of inputs that shape crucial decisions related to budgeting, hiring, and skill development. Our solutions provide valuable insights and data-driven analysis that inform these strategic choices. By leveraging our tools, you can make well-informed decisions that align with your organizational goals, optimize budget allocation, streamline hiring processes, and facilitate effective skill development. We believe in empowering our clients with the strategic vision they need to navigate the ever-changing healthcare landscape and drive long-term success. 





We are deeply connected to the outcomes that truly matter: better patient outcomes and a fulfilled workforce. Our solutions and strategies are designed to drive positive results in both areas. We strive to improve patient outcomes by providing innovative tools and resources that enhance care delivery and optimize processes. Additionally, we are committed to nurturing a fulfilled workforce by empowering healthcare professionals, promoting work-life balance, and fostering a supportive and rewarding environment. By focusing on these outcomes, we aim to make a meaningful impact on the overall quality of healthcare and create a thriving ecosystem where both patients and healthcare professionals thrive. 


Our board of advisors and champions

We are proud to collaborate with a distinguished group of experts, united by a common goal of delivering exceptional solutions that positively impact the healthcare landscape.   

With diverse backgrounds and deep expertise in various healthcare domains, our Board of Advisors provide invaluable insights and guidance. Their strategic input helps us stay at the forefront of industry trends, ensuring our product remains relevant, effective, and aligned with the evolving needs of healthcare professionals and organizations.  

Through their active involvement, our Advisory Board plays a pivotal role in shaping the roadmap, refining features, and optimizing the user experience. 


Robert Brigham

Senior advisor, Mayo's Clinic International Consulting Division


Aron Starosta

Senior Advisor, medtech and commercialization



Liesbet Lombaerts

CNO, GZA Hospital





Marina Martens

Director Central Mobile Planning and Care, University Hospital Ghent


Olivier Van Kerschaver

Surgeon Oncology, Saint Lucas Hospital Ghent