Terms and Conditions

  1. Binding force. Unless a written agreement expressly deviates from these general terms and conditions, all work and assignments will only be accepted and carried out under the following conditions. These terms and conditions are deemed to be known and accepted by the client, without prejudice to its own general terms and conditions, and are deemed to govern the entire business relationship between the parties, not only with regard to the assignment on the occasion of which the general terms and conditions will be communicated. , but also for all subsequent new quotations, orders and agreements. If the parties expressly and in writing deviate from these conditions or part thereof for one or more specific assignments, the conditions between the parties will remain in force with regard to the other or further quotations, assignments and agreements. If one or more of the (part) provisions of these terms and conditions prove to be invalid or void, all other (part) provisions of these terms and conditions will remain in force and each void or invalid (part) provision will be replaced by mutual agreement. similar provision that most closely approximates the economic purpose of the original provision.


  1. Validity period of quotation. Unless expressly stated otherwise, the validity of our quotations is 30 days from the quotation date.


  1. Payment terms. a. All our invoices are payable at the address stated on the invoice, in euros and within 8 days of the invoice date. b. In the event of late payment, default interest equal to the statutory interest plus 2% is due from the 30th day after the invoice date, automatically and without prior notice of default. A lump sum compensation of 10% of the invoice amount, with a minimum of 50 euros, is also due as compensation by operation of law and without prior notice of default. c. In the event of any late payment, as well as any non-compliance with a (specific) obligation on the part of the client, Team n Time will also have the right, without notice and by operation of law, to suspend the performance of any such performance and only resume it after payment. respectively compliance with all obligations.


  1. Normal office hours and rates. Normal office hours are from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM on weekdays. If the client wishes the offered services to be delivered outside these hours, this will be charged under the following conditions, unless otherwise agreed in writing in advance: a. on working days after 5:00 PM: normal hourly rate + 50% b. on Saturdays during normal office hours: normal hourly rate + 50% c. on Saturdays after 5:00 PM: normal hourly rate + 100% d. on Sundays and public holidays: normal hourly rate + 100%


  1. Configuration. Every delivery, including hardware, software, products and equipment, is made under the full responsibility of the client. Every decision by the client is assumed to have been taken with full knowledge of the facts. Team n Time cannot be held liable for the consequences of incorrect configuration or characteristics.


  1. Guarantee. Hardware, software, products and equipment are only subject to the warranty and license conditions given by the manufacturer. Software developed by Team n Time is subject to the license conditions stated in the software; failing that, only a three-month warranty applies for defects that occur therein. A defect in software is understood to mean: the occurrence of a phenomenon in which an incorrect result is achieved when correct data is entered in the correct manner.


  1. Liability. a. Any delay in the execution of the orders by Team n Time cannot give rise to the payment of compensation. Team n Time cannot under any circumstances be held liable for the total or partial non-execution of its assignment as a result of the limitations specific to the subject of the assignment / the research and/or the limitations imposed by an authority from which it can reasonably be assumed that she is authorized. In the event of force majeure, Team n Time' obligations with regard to the service or goods provided will be suspended for as long as the force majeure situation lasts. Force majeure in any case includes default by suppliers or subcontractors of Team n Time, interruption of the public power supply, strikes and similar events, transport difficulties and import and export restrictions of the Belgian or foreign government. b. All work and assignments carried out by Team n Time imply an obligation of means and not an obligation of results. This means that Team n Time will always make every effort to complete the assignment to the best of its ability and according to the rules of the art in the IT and consultancy practice. c. The liability of Team n Time, its bodies, subordinates, representatives and subcontractors, with regard to the supplied hardware and/or software and/or services, is excluded for any loss or damage caused by or arising as a result of incorrect or negligent execution, or a complete or partial non-execution. Team n Time is in particular not liable for damage to and/or loss of software and/or data in any form whatsoever. Team n Time is expressly not liable for damage resulting in bodily injury. d. In any case, Team n Time' liability for damage of any nature is limited to the invoice amount for the service that caused the damage, and this is limited to the invoice amounts for which the invoice date falls within the preceding six-month period from the date of notification. of the damage by registered letter. The client indemnifies Team n Time against all claims from third parties that arise in any way from the service, software or goods supplied by Team n Time.


  1. Complaints. Any complaint or claim against Team n Time must be submitted by registered letter within a period of 3 months following the execution of the assignment - thus for the administrative handling thereof - otherwise legal forfeiture will occur by operation of law.


  1. Confidentiality. The client and Team n Time will treat all confidential data obtained during the execution of the assignment strictly as such and will make every effort to maintain this confidential nature, even after termination of the assignment.


  1. Staff recruitment. The client is prohibited from hiring or hiring Team n Time personnel. to recruit or use their services in any way, unless with the prior written permission of Team n Time. Infringement of this article will automatically give rise to the payment of compensation to Team n Time equal to twice the gross annual salary of the staff member withdrawn from Team n Time.


  1. Governing Law and Jurisdiction. Unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing, Belgian law applies. All possible disputes between Team n Time and the client will be settled amicably between the parties and in a good relationship and at a high level. In the absence of an amicable settlement, the dispute will be submitted to the courts of the Mechelen district, which have exclusive jurisdiction to hear the dispute.



These General Terms and Conditions come into effect on January 1, 2008. 

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