TnT Balance

  • Manage multiple float pools across multiple hospitals
  • Address staffing demands in real time
  • Receive staffing alerts when units need help
  • Ensure the right skills for the right needs  
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Balance your shift staffing in real time

You now have the power to efficiently manage float pools and address staffing demands, within and across departments. Our solution provides alerts for overstaffing or understaffing situations based on actual patient need, enabling you to make scheduling decisions that perfectly align the right skills with the right needs. 

Float Pool Management

Gain a comprehensive view of different floating pools, including the planned staff within these pools, current allocations, and remaining capacity. Also signal staff from care units as available for exchange, facilitating efficient resource allocation.

Staff Allocation and Impact Analysis

Easily allocate floating pool staff to specific care units and visualize the impact of this decision. Communicate decisions to the care units and individual staff members seamlessly.

Optimize Care Teams

Our system distinguishes between different types of care and recommends the appropriate mix of nursing staff. This optimization ensures that your care teams are well-balanced and equipped with the necessary skills and experience.

Customized Guidance

Our intelligent algorithms offer personalized guidance, ensuring that nurses are deployed where they are needed most. This decision support advises you on the optimal allocation of staff, maximizing efficiency and maintaining quality care delivery.

Request for Help

When additional support is needed, Team n Time facilitates the process by communicating requests for assistance to float pool management. You can easily track who is coming to help, when they will be available, and efficiently manage resource allocation.

Draft Mode and Simulation

Simulate decisions and evaluate their impact before validating and communicating them to care units and staff. This feature provides an extra layer of assurance, helping you make confident and well-informed choices.

Enhance your data with AI with our Intelligence Boost module

Add our flexible intelligence module to analyze your data with AI. You can train a model based on your hospital's historical data, improving the accuracy of predictions over time. 

All products include:

Proven data security

We recognize the utmost importance of maintaining confidentiality, especially when handling sensitive patient data. That's why we have developed a range of options that are purposefully designed to safeguard your data and ensure it never leaves your site. With our solutions, you can have peace of mind knowing that your patients' information is protected at all times. 

Flexible data integrations

Experience seamless integration with Team n Time! Our software boasts an extensive API library, enabling hospitals to effortlessly adopt the latest best practices in inter-platform communication. Rest assured, our API connections are secure and encrypted using SSL, ensuring the highest level of data protection. 




Zero data entry

Say goodbye to unnecessary manual data entry! Team n Time seamlessly integrates with your existing hospital IT applications, eliminating the need for tedious and error-prone data entry. By automating this process, we save your valuable time and resources, allowing your staff to focus on what truly matters: delivering quality care. 




Onboarding support

With our SaaS approach, onboarding your hospital is a breeze. Our goal is to provide value to you as quickly as possible. We accomplish this by delivering our software promptly, offering high-quality training sessions, and providing comprehensive documentation for your staff. Experience a smooth and efficient onboarding process that gets you up to speed in just a matter of days, not months. 




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