Team n Time Successfully Concludes €1.9 Million Capital Round to Propel Healthcare Innovation

Team n Time Successfully Concludes €1.9 Million Capital Round to Propel Healthcare Innovation

  • Capital Milestone: Team n Time secured €1.9 million in a successful capital round to advance their intelligent SaaS platform for healthcare institutions.
  • Health Techn Leadership: Team n Time focuses on utilizing advanced technology, including AI and proprietary algorithms, to manage hospital staff shortages and workload.
  • Focus on R&D and Expansion: The capital will be used to bolster R&D and expand Team n Time’s customer base, particularly in the Benelux region.
  • Investor Confidence: Investment from esteemed medical professionals and entrepreneurs, indicating strong belief in Team n Time’s vision for healthcare improvement.

Antwerp, Belgium - 5 January, 2024

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In a huge stride forward, Team n Time has secured €1.9 million in equity capital through a successful capital round. This significant funding injection is earmarked to advance the company's cutting-edge intelligent systems, fortifying the vital link between workforce management and capacity management in healthcare institutions.

Amidst a turbulent investment climate and a notable increase in startup failures, this development highlights the urgent need for innovative support in hospitals facing evolving patient needs, workforce demands, and revenue constraints. It also endorses Team n Time's strategy and approach to addressing these challenges.

Managing Our Changing Healthcare Landscape Through Technology

Team n Time stands at the forefront of changing tides in the healthcare industry, which has been struggling to cope with dramatic shifts in demand in resources and services since the pandemic. Hospitals are looking for new ways to meet the changing needs of patients and staff, while also faced with growing staff shortages and revenue shortages.

"In the ever-growing healthcare challenges—rising costs, staff shortages, and an aging population—innovation is key. Team n Time's dedication to providing innovative tools empowering healthcare professionals is crucial for overcoming these challenges, ensuring quality care, and optimizing delivery. Proud to contribute to their mission." Dr. Olivier Van Kerschaver, AZ Sint-Lucas Gent, investor and board member

Leveraging advanced technology to unlock hidden healthcare capacity in hospitals, they’re working to help hospitals manage staff shortages and work overload. The software utilizes proprietary algorithms and AI to predict real-time care demand, care intensity, and nurse workload, driven by individual patient and staff data.

As a general hospital, we were looking for a solution that could support us in assigning care personnel (e.g. float pool of nurses) to a department in the most objective and transparent way possible.

Because Team n Time can provide the ability to link to our electronic patient record on the one hand and our workforce on the other, we can better match the supply of care to the demand for care.

In addition, we can draw lessons from the data generated and make diligent predictions into the future, in order to make targeted choices regarding our staff in that way as well.” Anne Jamaer, Care Coordinator, Ziekenhuis Oost Limburg (ZOL), Team n Time client.

Vision: Bridging High-tech and High-touch in the Future of Care

Envisioning a future where healthcare seamlessly blends high-tech precision with high-touch compassion, Team n Time empowers clients to deliver superior, personalized care. The solutions are designed to understand, predict, and meet the complex needs of both patients and staff, fostering positive outcomes in patient health and staff satisfaction.

"As a seasoned healthcare entrepreneur, I recognize the crucial role of technology in addressing industry challenges. Team n Time's commitment to empowering healthcare staff aligns with my vision for improved outcomes." Vincent Haelvoet, investor

The Capital Round: Paving the Way for Future Healthcare Excellence

This successful capital round, securing €1.9 million in equity capital, propels Team n Time towards its ambitious objectives. The primary focus is on bolstering Research and Development efforts to maintain a leading edge in expanding intelligence and value creation for hospitals. Additionally, the company aims to embark on international exploration while expanding its customer base in the Benelux region.

"I invest in companies understanding and serving customers well. Team n Time's focus on long-term value and unwavering commitment resonates with my investment philosophy. I am excited to be part of their journey." Alexander Laquiere, investor

Our Investors: Partners in Driving Innovation

Esteemed investors, many of whom are medical professionals themselves, share Team n Time's vision for healthcare advancement and see their support as an extension of their own activities in hospitals. Their support underscores a shared commitment to enhancing healthcare standards and positively impacting both patients and healthcare professionals.

"Success hinges on a strong team and impeccable execution. Team n Time's dedication to social impact in healthcare, coupled with teamwork and execution excellence, positions them for success. I am thrilled to support this platform shaping the future of healthcare." Marc Delvaux, investor

With this substantial financial infusion and groundbreaking technologies, Team n Time is dedicated in its mission to ushering in a new era of healthcare. For a firsthand experience of how Team n time can maximize nursing capacity while improving outcomes for both nurses and patients, contact us to schedule a demo.


Team n Time is a spin-out from a Belgian software company, Calidos, who focuses on the Belgian healthcare sector, particularly hospital IT systems and tools. The original concept behind Team n Time started nearly a decade ago, with a co-creation initiative to help float team managers make better decisions about where to place staff.

After the acquisition of Calidos by OCTO REEF, an investor group in Ghent, version 1 of Team n Time was further rolledout to 5 hospitals in Belgium. Despite challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic, all 5 hospitals used TnT and reported positive results.

In 2022, Team n Time split out as an independent company with a new dedicated team of founders, supported by OCTO REEF investors. The product and business model were completely redesigned and rebuilt as a SaaS product, with special emphasis on scalability and ease of integration with hospital data platforms.


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