Team n Time partners with nexuzhealth to Simplify Healthcare Data Integration

A new partnership between nexuzhealth and Team n Time introduces a direct data integration, making us a plug-and-play tool for all nexuzhealth clients.

In the context of healthcare, effective data management is critical. Our new collaboration with nexuzhealth, a prominent Electronic Health Record (EHR) provider in Belgium, is a step towards this goal. This partnership introduces a direct data integration, making Team n Time a plug-and-play tool for all nexuzhealth clients. This development allows for an efficient exchange of EHR data while maintaining hospitals' control over their information.

This integration is currently being implemented in three Belgian healthcare institutions: General Hospital Alma in Eeklo, VITAZ Hospital, and General Hospital Groeninge. We hope these implementations are indicative of a broader movement towards integrated data management in healthcare.

“We’re excited to help our clients innovate, facilitate new partnerships for them, and help elevate the capabilities of our healthcare systems”, Bob Neven, director product management at nexuzhealth.

A key component of Team n Time's value is centered around our proprietary 'Need-to-Care' algorithm. This system uses patient acuity to evaluate staff allocation, aiming to balance nurse workloads. We achieve this by integrating with existing digital data sources within healthcare facilities, reducing the need for additional data processing.

“If we’re doing our job well, nurses and patients benefit without even knowing we’re there. But this requires a good level of digital interoperability to achieve best results.” Brecht Thijs, CEO of Team n time

The challenge of digital interoperability is significant, often hindered by diverse data formats and proprietary systems. The partnership with nexuzhealth aims to address these challenges, facilitating access to accurate data and reducing the time required for the development of custom solutions.

Nexuzhealth's commitment to fostering collaboration across the healthcare ecosystem through a centralized EHR is admirable. As a facilitator, they connect patients and caregivers, streamline decision-making, align treatments, and enhance efficiency. We are proud to support their mission in improving patient and nurse outcomes.

“Team n Time is also aligned with our focus on enhancing operational efficiency. We’re happy to be able to offer this to our clients,” Bob Neven, director product management at nexuzhealth.

But what about hospitals without access to standardized integrations like this? Can they still benefit from what Team n Time offers?

“Absolutely. We hear this a lot from healthcare stakeholders, and they’re often surprised at how much we’re still able to find hidden capacity even without a connection to EHR data. We’re committed to bringing value to all, no matter what their current capabilities are,” Brecht Thijs, CEO of Team n time

We have designed Team n Time to deliver value from day one, regardless of whether there is a direct integration with your EHR platform. In fact, many of our clients begin without direct EHR integration and start experiencing the benefits of our platform immediately. This adaptability has already been demonstrated by positive outcomes in facilities that began without direct integration.

We invite you to explore the possibilities with us. Schedule a demo, and let's discuss how we can unlock your hospital's hidden care capacity.

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