Announcing Aron Starosta as the first member of our US Advisory Board

Aron Starosta, our latest advisory board addition, brings dynamic leadership, fostering growth and innovation while achieving exceptional outcomes. With a talent for maximizing team potential and a remarkable track record, his visionary approach enhances our collective expertise.

We are thrilled to introduce the newest member of our esteemed advisory board, Aron Starosta. With a dynamic and results-driven approach to leadership, Aron brings a wealth of expertise in designing, building, and executing business commercialization programs that drive transformative outcomes. 

Aron's career is marked by a profound commitment to fostering learning, growth, and career development among his team members. His passion for cultivating talent and strengthening leadership is evident in his track record of achieving exceptional results. Throughout his journey, Aron has recognized that engaged and motivated staff are a true competitive advantage. He not only envisions success, but he empowers his teams to realize their full potential, encouraging them to reach new heights in their professional journeys. 

A visionary leader, Aron possesses a keen eye for identifying and nurturing talent, ensuring that every team member's skills are maximized for optimal performance. His deep understanding of the commercialization lifecycle and extensive due diligence experience have contributed to the successful outcomes of numerous client companies. With a diverse background spanning local and international programs, higher education, government agencies, and corporations, Aron possesses a unique perspective that enriches our advisory board's collective insight. 

Aron's impressive accomplishments speak volumes about his capabilities: 

  • Incubator companies under his guidance have raised over $125 million in just five years. 
  • Accelerator companies have notched up more than $150 million in revenue and over $175 million in investments across 34 companies. 
  • A remarkable 85% of companies maintain a growth or exit position. 
  • He has effectively navigated five successful exits. 
  • The majority of Portfolio companies are led by founders from underrepresented groups. 
  • Aron's recognition extends beyond his professional accomplishments, as he was selected as an on-air investor for the "WolfPAC," an Amazon Prime TV series on investment and startup firms. 
  • He has also served as the Host for the Start-UP Roundtable, a global forum for startup discussion and investment assistance. 
  • Aron's commitment to innovation has been honored with the RealLIST Award in 2021, recognizing him as a driving force in changing Philadelphia's innovation ecosystem for the better. 

With Aron Starosta joining our advisory board, we are poised to embark on a new era of insight, creativity, and unparalleled expertise. His visionary leadership and passion for developing people will undoubtedly elevate our collaborative efforts, ensuring that we continue to achieve outstanding results. 

Please join us in welcoming Aron Starosta to our advisory board and look forward to the remarkable contributions he will make to our shared journey of excellence. 

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