Welcome Robert Brigham of the Mayo Institute to our US Advisory Board

Introducing Bob Brigham, our advisory board's newest member—a distinguished healthcare executive with a four-decade career of excellence and leadership at the Mayo Institute.

We are proud to introduce our newest member of the advisory board, Bob Brigham, a distinguished and accomplished healthcare executive with an extraordinary career spanning over four decades. With a wealth of experience and a commitment to excellence, Bob is a valuable addition to our team. 

Bob's illustrious journey in the healthcare sector commenced in 1978 when he joined Mayo Clinic after completing his Bachelor of Science degree in nursing from St. John's University, graduating magna cum laude. Over the course of his 37 years at Mayo Clinic, Bob demonstrated unwavering dedication and leadership in various positions across multiple locations in Minnesota and Florida. His remarkable journey reached its pinnacle as the Chief Administrative Officer in Florida. 

Notably, Bob's contributions extended far beyond his organizational roles. His exceptional leadership was pivotal during his tenure as the Senior Vice President for Hospital and Clinics at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas. In this capacity, he provided executive guidance for all inpatient and outpatient operations, showcasing his expertise in strategic planning, financial management, quality performance, and patient access. His role as a member of the institution's executive committee further highlighted his influence and impact. 

Beyond his professional achievements, Bob's commitment to the community shines brightly. He has been an integral part of numerous organizations, including the Board of Directors for the United Way of Northeast Florida, Chair of the Board of the First Coast American Heart Association, and Chair of various educational and community advisory boards. His dedication to community service and leadership is truly commendable. 

Currently serving as adjunct faculty at Jacksonville University and the University, and as a Senior Advisor for Mayo Clinic's International Consulting Division, Bob brings a unique blend of academic insight and practical experience to our advisory board. His extensive involvement with Mayo Clinic, combined with his roles in academia and community service, makes Bob a well-rounded and influential figure in the healthcare landscape. 

Please join us in extending a warm welcome to Bob Brigham. With his expertise and passion, we are confident that his contributions will greatly enrich our collective endeavors. 

Welcome aboard, Bob Brigham! 

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